Learn To Dive at NDC

NDC Staff
Chris Lee, Owner/Manager

Chris Lee has been diving since 1999, and enjoys warm tropical waters! If he can't dive it in a tee shirt - you won't see him there. He has extensive retail and management experience.

Chris decided in October 2004 to combine his love of diving with his retail and management experience. Chris is striving to make National Diving Center your favorite place to be - so if there are things you'd like to see on our shelves, classes you'd like to see offered, or if you have any other suggestions about how we can make diving more enjoyable for you - please let him know.

Steve Janey, Owner/Instructor

Steve Janey, Owner/InstructorSteve has logged thousands of hours underwater – and if you want to dive somewhere, he already has a dive story about it! His passion for the sport is contagious. In addition to certifying students, he also services gear and leads many of the NDC sponsored group trips – and there is never a dull moment on a trip with Steve at the helm. Even though he has dived the Caribbean extensively – the North Carolina wrecks off Cape Hatteras are still among his favorites.

Michael J. Gurevitz, Master Instructor
Michael J. Gurevitz, a certified diver since 1986, has been teaching SCUBA since 1994, and is a PADI Master Instructor. Michael is also certified by PADI as a Specialty Instructor, qualified to teach Deep diving, Dry Suit diving, Equipment Maintenance, Enriched Air diving, Ice diving, Multilevel Diving, Night diving, Oxygen First Aid, Search and Recovery Diving, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Photography, and Wreck diving. Michael is also a Technical Diving International Advanced Nitrox Instructor, and a Scuba Diving International Open Water Instructor and Solo diving Instructor. Michael is a Divers Alert Network Instructor, teaching courses in Oxygen First Aid, Advanced Oxygen First Aid, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, Automated External Defibrillator First Aid, and Neurological Assessment. Finally, Michael is an Instructor for Medic First Aid International, and is certified to teach Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillator use, Bloodborne Pathogen Control, and Basic Life Support for Health Care Professionals.
Marsha Hawkins, Instructor


Gregg Mulitz, Instructor

Gregg learned to dive in 1975 at the age of 14.  He has been diving in  Southern California, and the Caribbean but the majority of his dives have been in the North Atlantic.  He was a diver at the National Aquarium of Baltimore from 1990-93.  He has taught at NDC since becoming an instructor in 1991 and he is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.  His favorite dive destination are the ship wrecks off North Carolina.

Lisa Lanham, Divemaster

Lisa LanhamLisa has been a certified diver since 1991. She took the plunge and has been trying to grow gills ever since. She got serious about diving and became a Rescue Diver in 1999 and a Divemaster in 2006. Not a big fan of cold water Lisa will pretty much dive in anything that’s warm and doesn’t glow in the dark. You’ll never get lost if you’re following Lisa because her natural navigation skills are amazing. She believes that the oceans are the last frontier and wants everyone to join her in exploring them. A video producer by day, Lisa claims that it’s a great way to fund her diving habit.

Andy Leonard, Divemaster

andy_leonard.jpgAndy received his Open Water certification in a cold murky Georgia lake in the summer of 2006.  He then moved to Central America and fell in love with the beautiful Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, where he continued his dive education; including Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Responder, Rescue, and Nitrox. 

While living in Guatemala, he also helped establish the country's first marine reserve in Amatique Bay.  After moving here to DC, and finding the National Diving Center, Andy was certified as a Divemaster and aspires to become a certified PADI Instructor within the next year.

Andy spent 10 years in the Army Infantry, and still travels around the world for work and pleasure; always looking for a new dive spot along the way.  Where to next? perhaps Bermuda or the Red Sea.  Exploration and study of the undersea world are what excite Andy the most about diving.  More people have stepped foot on the Moon then have been to the deepest parts of our oceans.  Large portions of the planet's coral reefs have yet to be mapped.  Ship wrecks are unearthed every day.  Diving is not only a continuous learning experience, but is also an endless adventure.

Yoav Achiam, Divemaster
Yoav Achiam/DivemasterYoav fell in love with diving while he was a kid in 1998. He got certified as a PADI Divemaster in during the summer of 2008. Yoav enjoys technical diving and has done most of his diving in Eilat, Israel. If you are thinking of going there, just ask him, he knows all the sites and shops there! Yoav loves to travel and scuba dive and has been diving in NZ, Thailand, Galapagos the US to name a few. When Yoav is not diving you can usually find him rock climbing, surfing or playing tennis. He is currently an electrical engineering undergraduate at UMD planning to graduate in December.
Patricia Smith, Divemaster
Patricia Smith/DivemasterTrish is one of NDC’s newest Dive Masters and enjoys diving with a passion! Patricia was bitten by the “diving bug” several years ago after her twins entered Kindergarten. She enjoys underwater photography, finding rare marine life and the peace and solitude that diving offers. Some of Patricia’s favorite dive destinations are Roatan, the Palancar Reef, and Bonaire . Patricia also has a 12 year old daughter who is a Junior Certified Open Water Diver. Krista received her certification at age 10 and has accompanied her mother on dives to Grand Cayman , Mexico , and Jamaica . Patricia enjoys working with young children and teaching them how to appreciate our precious marine resources. Her day job as an elementary school teacher in the Montgomery County Public Schools allows her to continue sharing her love and knowledge of diving with our youngest, up and coming divers!!