Learn To Dive at NDC

Service Rates
regulator.jpgRegulator Service Rates

  • Regulator Annual Service $25 per stage, plus parts
  • Regulator O2 cleaning $40 per stage, plus parts
  • Alternate Inflator Regulator Service (Air2, Air XS, etc.) $35, plus parts
  • Low Pressure Inflator Service $15, plus parts

Cylinder Service Rates

  • Cylinder Visual Inspection $10
  • Eddy Current Inspection (Mandatory on Aluminum Cylinders) $8
  • Cylinder ServiceHydrostatic Testing (Prepaid Pass or Fail) $25
  • Moderate to Light Tumble $20.00
  • Heavy Tumble $30.00
  • Cylinder Valve Service (Mandatory with all Hydrostatic Tests) $20, plus parts
  • Cylinder O2 cleaning $25
  • Cylinder Valve O2 cleaning $40, plus parts
  • Manifold Breakdown Charge (Incurred During Twin Cylinder Service) $15
  • Manifold Service (Mandatory with all Hydrostatic Tests) $25, plus parts

All items that must be returned to their Original Manufacturer for service will be subject to a minimum $10.00 Shipping and Handling Charge, including those items being returned for warranty service. Additional charges may apply to all equipment that is deemed to be in poor or excessively worn condition.

NDC is not responsible for items left more than 90 days past service work completion date.